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It is Not Fair

It’s not fair. Unlike generations in the past, the deck is stacked against you. Between Student Loans, minimal societal safety nets, and no company pensions you must take all the risks for your retirement without any formal financial education. Add in the fact that Wall Street is constantly engineering new ways to extract more money from the average person, it’s no wonder that young Americans feel disenchanted by the current state of the economy and are pessimistic about the future. But, rather than sit back passively, we know that you want to take control of your financial future. That’s why we’ve built this course. With over 60 topics that every responsible financial steward should know, by the end you will be prepared to take your financial future into your own hands. No more worrying about Wall Street scams or having no way to buy a house. You’ll be able to make a plan that you can follow yourself, for your own future.

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